DIY Corkboard Map

corkboard map2

I love the idea as using maps for art. Whether it’s an actual map, a painting or a globe, I think maps make great decor. I love the corkboard map because you can use pins to indicate where you’ve been. If you don’t want to make one, Anthropologie sells a corkboard map for $48 online.

I decided to make one. I found a corkboard from Office Max (possibly this one) and bought black acrylic paint from Michaels. I liked the framed corkboard, but not the wood color of the frame. So I knew I’d want to paint the frame as well.

I don’t have any process photos of painting the map itself. It turns out that painting (or drawing) a world map is harder than it looks. It’s also hard to cut out a shape and trace it. My solution was to print a copy and cut out a couple points that I could trace. I freehand drew the rest, using the lines that I traced served as guidelines to keep the map proportional. After drawing the outline of the map, I filled it in with the black acrylic paint.

After painting the map, I still had to paint the frame. Since the wood was finished, normal paint wouldn’t stay on and would just drip off. I went back to Michaels and bought Krylon ColorMaster black spray paint to use on the frame. It worked! This was my first attempt at spray painting an it was pretty successful (which is good because I have many furniture painting plans that involve spray paint). Here was the process:

spray painting

Once the paint dried, it was time to start adding pins. I pinned all of the places I’ve traveled, attempting to be as accurate as possible.

photo 2

I’m really happy with the end result! Can’t wait to hang it up in my future home!

corkboard map


  1. […] The cork board map and ampersand are both DIY projects. Here’s the corkboard map tutorial. […]

  2. […] The cork board map and ampersand are both DIY projects. Here’s the corkboard map tutorial. […]

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